Know the latest news and stock trend of Tesla with Nasdaq Tsla

Almost everyone in the world knows about Tesla. Tesla is one of the largest clean and electric-based vehicles in America. The company is of the type of public and serves globally. It belongs to the automotive, energy production and energy storage industry. Along with Elon Musk as the CEO, the other key people are the CTO, CFO and the chairman. Some popular products of the company are electric vehicles, solar panels and electric vehicles. After having served for more than 11 years. Tesla ranked as the best selling battery-based electric passenger car in the world. Owing to this the global ranking of sales of tesla increased by 50% in 2018. In 2020 tesla cars accounted for around 80% of the battery cars in the entire United States. The history of the evolution of the Tesla cars are interesting starting from 2004 to the current state tesla has evolved in terms of its products like founding, roadster, IPO models and more.

In the article, you will learn more about the stocks and shares of tesla. This data is important for traders and investors who can put their money based on the latest happenings of the company. To serve the purpose, NASDAQ: TSLA at is the best option.

Nasdaq Tsla

Based on the recent data consider the following points

  • Open-421.39
  • High-439.13
  • Previous week high-448.16
  • 52 week low-44.86
  • 52 week high- 502.49
  • Market capital-386.8B
  • TTM-5339.46
  • volume-71.43 M

Some other information about tesla is as follows

  • Revenue-USD 24.578B
  • Employees-48,016
  • Net income-USD 862 M
  • Total asset-USD 34.309B
  • owner-Elon Musk

To get a better estimate of the company stock trends Nasdaq is always preferred. The data here is usually in the form of graphs, charts or bars. You can also learn about the company news, finance, corp actions, analysis and profile. In finance, you can check about the forecast, income statement and balance sheet.

Latest tesla news

Based on the analysis the analyst price target is at 550 high and 19 low. It has an average analysis of 315.75. The data based on the holdings are as follows


  • Increased-417
  • New-451
  • Decreased-383
  • Sold out-0


  • Increased-22.22M
  • New-29.00M
  • Decreased-37.51M
  • Sold out-0

Overall the institutional holdings account for 495.51M and the shares outstanding account for 931.81M. The Nasdaq EPS gives a clear understanding of the actual and estimate

For an investor and a trader, company finance is an important topic to learn about. One can get a clear understanding of it from NASDAQ: TSLA in a proper format. You can check more stocks like NASDAQ: ARRY at before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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